• Welcome to Jinhua People's Hospital
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  • Hospital Mission: To be the guardian of human health in the whole life cycle.
  • Hospital Vision: A clinical research hospital with provincial influence trusted by the people, loved by the staff, satisfied by the government and respected in the industry.
  • Core Values: Kindness, universal love and salvation.
  • Hospital Spirit: Rigorous, excellent, innovative, dedicated.
  • Service Tenet: Respect life, heal the wounded and rescue the dying, be willing to dedicate, boundless love.
  • Founded in 1942,Jinhua People's Hospital is located at 267 Danxi East Road, Duohu Central Business District with an area of 177 acres. It is a third-class B general hospital integrating medical treatment, prevention, scientific research, teaching and rehabilitation in the central and western regions of Zhejiang Province, as well as a cooperative hospital of Jinhua Hospital affiliated to Wenzhou Medical University, Cancer Hospital affiliated to Chinese Academy of Sciences University (Zhejiang Cancer Hospital) and Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Southeast University.
  • There are 10 provincial expert workstations (including Ju Shenghong Expert Workstation of Academician Teng Gaojun), 1 provincial regional special disease center (Obstetrics), 1 provincial and municipal key discipline (Reproductive Medicine), and 6 municipal key disciplines (Obstetrics and Gynecology, Reproductive Medicine, Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic and Gastrointestinal Surgery, Hematology, Urology and Anesthesiology).
  • Name:Jinhua People’s Hospital(Affiliated Hospital of Jinhua Vocational and Technical College、Affiliated Jinhua Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University)

    Hospital grade:Tertiary B general hospital

    Add:No.267, Danxi East Road, Jinhua City

    Tel:Switchboard: 0579-89163896 Cell: 15267301093

    Reservation call:0579-82306611

    Supervisory (Complaint) Telephone:Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office: 0579-89138697, Doctor-Patient Office: 0579-89138610, General Duty: 15267301093 (24 hours), Health and Health Commission: 0579 – 82469892



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